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Tracking pad and keyboard problem after spill of mineral water

Immediately after the spill, I turned off the laptop, turned it upside down and left it on paper towels overnight. I took out the battery. The laptop powers up, Windows7 loads. When I open Word, the keys appear to be stuck and the tracking pad does not work properly. Before I take it to the service shop, I would like to try to solve this myself, if I can. Thanks for any advice.

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It's quite possible that the keyboard is just dead, and could be replaced.

If I'm seeing it correctly, the touch pad may connect through the keyboard and chances are it's fine, but because the keyboard is damaged it's malfunctioning.

This guide hows the steps required to replace the keyboard.

Let me know if this helps.

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The keyboard connects through the palm rest, the palm rest contains the track pad. I think the problem is more in the palm rest than the keyboard although it could be both.


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