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blue screen of death

when i turn it on i get the boot up screen. but when i log in i get the blue screen of death saying there is a software problem. what do i do

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What version of Windows are you using?


When did this occur? Was your computer running slow and doing strange things and had strange programs/popups before this occurred?


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Your best bet is to try and boot into safe mode. You need to tell us what version of windows you have before I can instruct you on that.

If you can get into safe mode, Download Malwarebytes and do a virus scan of your computer.

If it comes out clean or removed viruses, reboot and try normal boot. If that still doesn't work boot back into safe mode and start uninstalling any programs that you do not know what they are or ones that look strange.

To uninstall a program, go into control pannel and then navigate to Unintall Programs. Then you can go and uninstall programs.

Once again, if you tell us what version of windows, I can get you instructions on how to boot into safe mode and how to get to the Uninstall programs.

After doing that, if it still doesnt work. Boot back into safe mode and copy any important files or pictures or anything that you want to save and then do a Factory reset of windows (which i can instruct you on once you tell us version)

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IT PRO here...

More then likely you are going to have to re-install the operating system. There is a plethora of instances that could go wrong with a windows operating system to cause a blue screen of death.

Attempting to re-install the operating system will give you 1 of 2 answers here:

1) The operating system installed correctly and it was just a problem with corruption

2) The operating system did not install correctly or the issue still persists which signify that it is a hardware related issue.

IF it is option 2 then some common things you should look at are:

Replacement hard drive - It would probably be more beneficial to you to get a solid state drive if you have to replace your hard drive then reload the operating system.

Replace your system memory - RAM can sometimes just go out. Bad ram can be the culprit of many things including but not limited to total system boot failure. BE SURE YOU GET THE SAME MODEL OF MEMORY THAT IS CURRENTLY IN YOUR UNIT <-----*VERY IMPORTANT*

Processor damage - This is the worst case when it comes to operating system failure. If your computer over heats it has a protocol that shuts down the computer with a blue screen error to keep it from overheating to the point of fire. If your computer is overheating significantly it can cause the Processor to go out or damage it to the point of dysfunction. If your processor is damaged then you may have to consult your owners manual to see if you have one of two types of processors (Integrated vs non-integrated). Integrated processors cannot be replaced which would warrant a complete logic board replacement (Mother board). Non-intergraded processors means you can go out and buy the stand alone processor which sometimes can be just as expensive as buying a new mother board or a replacement computer overall.

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Thanks for this tip. Btw, do you have any recommendations on utilities to have on your flashdrive all time for fixing PC issues or scripts for working with PCs on LAN?

Much appreciate any help I can get.


None that would really fix windows itself per say.. with operating systems you ether replace the messed up files by doing a refresh of the OS or just completely reinstalling. As far as testing tools, a ubuntu bootable stick is just as good as any other tool to test hardware vs software issues. You can do hard drive scans from Ubuntu, memory checks.. checking ethernet adapters, wifi adapters ect..

To fix windows itself running a USB bootable repair disk might work, or using the last known good config option to restore of its windows 7 or later. Otherwise pull your drive out of the unit, put it in a SATA USB cable and transfer your documents and data to another hard drive and factory restore.


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Replace hard drive and reinstall OS

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