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Comprehensive set of repair manuals for Android tablets manufactured by Samsung, including the Note 10.1 and the Tab.

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Can apps be stored on a SD card?

When ever I try to download an app for my son his tablet always says insufficient space on device (no matter how much I remove). My device says there is 3GB available on the device and 29GB remaining on the SD card. What is my next step to resolve this and allow my son to enjoy his tablet again?

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If you are running Android 6.0+ go to Settings --> Storage, and format the SD card as internal. This will add the SD card as part of the total storage space.

Other wise, if you don't have android 6, go to Settings --> Application, and look through each individual applications, and find the option "move to external storage" which moves it to the SD card. Then use file manager to move photos, music, etc to the sd card manually.

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