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Le Samsung Galaxy S4, modèle i9505, dispose d'une caméra arrière de 13 mégapixels et d'un écran de 5 pouces et 1080 pixels.

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What part in my phone is broken? (i dropped it in the water)


This happens [ ] after I dropped my phone in water. It has dried for 3 days in rise and i blowed it with a hairdryer. I want to fix it myself but I don't know what part i need to replace.

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I dont know what particular parts need to be replaced but you have really a big mistake putting it in rice cannot cure the water or rempve the water inside of your phone it will just make the problem worse because maybe the water that is stucked inside already deal serious damage with your board.But again The rice myth is not true it might help but it cant cure it just an info.

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