First gen: in bootloop after final oem(google) update, sol?


I'm new here, but not to prying things open to learn what is what, not a big sw guy but also into learning how sw is setup !!

Got Nexus 7 first gen from play store. good untill final update but had some auto restart issues after update. also had a funny message after boot "Headphones unplugged or not connected!". Had a trip (fly) so turned N7 off when got to destination turned it on and it went to bootloop.

  1. Adding more info since I didn't get any eyeballs ; )
  2. I tried to do a factory reset using ui but the %#*@ thing wouldn't stay on long enough to go to settings
  3. so went to fastboot and using pc tried unlock got an error with no number or message
  4. Never unlocked !!
  5. tried all adb command lines and fastboot commands; no success

Trying to fix it for a while had no money or time till now but dont know whats wrong or how to fix it.

Any help is appreciated!!!!

BTW if you can expand on any abbrivations that you have used in your answer it would be appreciated..

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