Why does my screen look like this? Help please

After attempt of replacing sim card slot

i ended with a screen problem

(the only thing i did wrong was scratching some of the silicone gray thingy stuck to the Middle frame )

Can this be a problem rooting from the sim reader soldering?

is my screen dead now?


Block Image


Part i damaged: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q3kzwz5pe4ozud...

Help please and thanks a lot

Update (06/16/2017)

hey guys ,

thank you for your answers

tried those methods .. it has been unsuccessful

the part that i damaged is here shown by an arrow

what is it? could it be the problem?

Block Image


Thank you soo much

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Have you open the phone? Then look if the display cables are loose.


what claes said. also try cleaning all connections with 99% isopropyl alcohol. Also try a soft reset or battery pull.


Hey @oldturkey03 sorry :

here's another link


Thank you so much for trying to help


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