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Coolpad 3300A is an affordable smartphone that is manufactured by Coolpad Group Limited. The Coolpad 3300A was released in 2015 for under $150.

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Ability to activate FM?

Is there a way to activate FM receiving on this phone...or any Coolpad? I do not want 'net FM", but actual, local FM stations capability. BTW... installing apps will not accomplish this.

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Your chipset must have an FM chip to begin with.

This normally is included on certain Qualcomm chipsets.

You can install software if this is true.

The app is called spiritFM, but your device must be rooted to use spiritFM.

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Thanks for responding. I agree with everything you mentioned lest the exception for SpiritFM. However, I've not be able to determine if this particular model has the FM chip embedded? I'm hoping it does and if so, then I need to find the 'program" that will activate/turn it on. SpritFM, in my understanding, is a "net" FM program...that is not what I want. I want "stand alone", local FM programming..just as one would receive via a radio. Really, getting technical specs about this phone, other than the obligatory phone specs, is proving to be quite elusive. What I find on the 'net" does not answer the question I've posed. I have no doubt someone "out there" has the information...this is why I post in so many forums...hoping to come across anyone who can provide that info. I appreciate your response!



@rixter69, here's the kicker... anything that comes with WiFi and Bluetooth have an FM chip. Its the frequency that is limited. Spirit FM is a real tuner, and not a net FM program. It needs root to access the FM chip because most are not activated. All new S7 and S8 using snapdragon chipsets can simply use the NextRadio app, because the chips have FM activated with the API exposed. Check the NextRadio website and keep check their updates on which devices are being activated. The S7 Snapdragon version did not ship activated, but was activated in a later security update.


RE: SW@avanteguarde

Hmmm...OK, sounds logical. The reason I said what I did about Spirit FM was I've tried previously to implement it's program and it failed? Perhaps due to the bootloader being locked (IDK)? Guess I've got some learning to do about bootloaders for "locking" them seems to be more of an annoyance than any technical barrier?(IDK) My phone(s) are rooted. But running Android 4.4, which I've not be able to upgrade. I highly doubt these phones have this Snapdragon, but will check. Actually, trying to get technical information, other than the obligatory "users" manual, has proven to be a challenge. So, any help/advice/suggestions you may offer will be appreciated.

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check -- they can help you root -- and possibly upgrade beyond android 4.4 depending on the device


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