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The Inspiron 15-3521 has an optional touch screen feature and has a 15.6" display. This laptop is also complete with a matte finish and keyboard complete with number pad.

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miss typing my laptop

my lap top 3 years old.its run very smooth,but i typing word most of time misplace letters. Ie, but come like this i cant understand this problem.please help me.

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zaher what happens when you type this "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" and let us know what you get. You can use a program like notepad or any other word processor, just let us know what you get.


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zaher the reason for the typing, is that the sentence is a pangram. It contains every letter in the alphabet. Right now from your example is looks like a bad keyboard. You can rule that out by using a USB keyboard and see what you get with that. Should it work, then you have a failed keyboard. If not you may have some motherboard issues. So, let us know what you come up with when you type.

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