Touch response not working after water damage

The tablet got soaked by tap water by a 'let's pour some water on it' experiment! When I discovered it, may be within an hour, I tried to get rid of the water inside by giving it a good shake, powered it off and kept to dry for couple of days. Later I opened the device and rinsed the charging port board with distilled water and wiped the other areas including the digitizer and back of the touchscreen assembly with paper towel soaked with distilled water. Then I kept the parts open to dry for a week before I assembled it again and everything is working fine including charging except the touch response. Another relatively less disturbing issue is that the battery indicator on top of the screen shows charging while it is not. The discharging time remains normal. The wider ribbon cable inside also has a small hole (spanning 2 pins, approx. 2mm diameter) at the end that goes into the motherboard. Please suggest me how to repair this tablet. Thank you in advance.

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