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The 2000-2006 BMW X5 models were the first generation (E53) of BMW's sport crossover years. The X5 was first released in 1999 for the 2000 model year and featured all-wheel-drive with either an automatic or manual transmission.

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2003 X5 alternator replacement

specific r&r sequence for replacement of alternator. top down? bottom up? items to be removed

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Here are the steps for alternator replacement of BMW X5

  • Remove the drain plug on the driver's side bottom of the radiator
  • Drain the coolant and remove the coolant hoses
  • Loose the belt tensioner
  • Unhook the battery +/- connections
  • Unbolt and remove old alternator
  • Take the wires off the new alternator
  • Clean area where alternator goes, bolt the new alternator inside
  • Reattach coolant hoses and refill system with coolant
  • Put the intake tube and duct back on.

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For those who are changing alternator, it is not necessary to remove radiator as most DIY videos will instruct. It is a tight fit, but simply put cardboard protection against your radiator and you can wedge alternator up and out with no damage. It is a tight squeeze, but you can pull it out an put new one in without the extra wasted time pulling radiator out. I always look for short cuts on my vehicles when it comes to repairs.

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