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2nd Generation iPod Touch water damage, 8-9 years ago

As a kid (8 years old), I was stupid with electronic devices. The iPod 2nd generation was one that I was stupid with. I did not make a good decision. I cleaned my iPod touch 2nd generation screen with water. Yes, I did do that. I used to rinse it under running faucet water a lot to clean the screen. Until one time, I did it and my screen started glitching. I am assuming the water went in through the home button because after I rinsed it I used to wipe it off with a paper towel immediately. I am now 17 years old now, it was about 8-9 years ago. I THINK I turned it off, but I did leave it in the sun. Does anyone think it will work? By the way, my dad and my sister found it yesterday when clearing out junk.

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wow, dude, you have big problem


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Jojo possibly but you will have to do a few things first. You do want to go ahead and disassemble it by using this guide. Once upon, reevaluate the damage. I would expect plenty of corrosion on the board, connectors as well as flex cables. You can try and clean all of this the same way as shown in this guide. I was written for an iPhone but all the points are still pertinent to your iPod as well. Once it is cleaned, assemble it with a new battery (do not reuse your old one). Only after all these step will you be in a position to properly troubleshoot your iPod. It might also help if you post some good images of what your iPods logic board looks like when you disassemble it. Post some images with your question by using this guide.

Image iPod Touch 2nd Generation Logic Board


iPod Touch 2nd Generation Logic Board Replacement

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Réparer un dommage causé par un liquide sur un iPhone

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1 - 2 hours

Image iFixit


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2 - 5 minutes

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