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Noise from fan area

The fan is making a noise, especially when the machine is hot. Is this a sign that the fan is going to give up?

If so, how readily can the fan be changed?

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Well if the fan is spinning faster just under normal use, it's going to make more noise, even if there is no wear and tear/damage. Often the fans on laptops are either located on the side of the bottom part of the computer (where the keyboard is) or between the screen and keyboard; I would imagine it wouldn't be too hard to disassemble but the trick is putting everything back together properly!

If the fan's making rattling noises or it's always making a noise even when the laptop is colder (such as when you first boot) then it's probably damaged somewhere. Not sure if this helps...I don't really know much about your particular computer. Apologies for the long post.

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