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Low battery warning on my Volvo s60 2014

Can you please suggest me how to solve the issue, Do i need to charge my battery or battery life is gone? How do i verify that

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So do I. Dealer started with a radiator flush; fluid was low. 275.00. A few days later a 250 tow. Overheating, battery light over heating. back in shop. The dealer doesn't want to hear your suggestions. Alernator, charging system, and now faulty computer modules which one? How many affected? Battery most likely is gone. My gut tells me, a long expensive. and hassle, process of elimination. with HASSLE. The new will experience the same. Car only has 40,000 miles on it. Serviced about every 7-8 months. under 5000 miles a year.


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Mams Mams could be a bad battery but I doubt it since your vehicle is really not that old. The Volvo S60 alternator is not the most efficient so you may want to drive your vehicle for a few days with higher revs (1500 rpm or more) and see if that eliminates the warning sign. Your dealer, or any local garage, can check your battery to see if it is the issue and check your charging system to ensure your battery gets charged. The only other thing I would suggest is that you check with your dealer about a software update. There was a TSB for Volvos about excessive battery drain (possibly satellite receiver) which was fixed by Software Control Module update.

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Google low RDAR class action lawsuits against volvo. This is your problem RDAR system.

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There are two baterries on the start stop model. If the car is used on short journeys the start stop battery will discharge. I have replaced my main & start stop now on a S60 2012, once done you will have to pair the new batteries with the car sofware.

Hope this helps

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