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The first generation of the Chevrolet Equinox, a crossover SUV from Chevrolet based on General Motors' Theta platform.

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Dropping oil pan help

How do you drop the oil pain in a 2005 chevy equinox AWD

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mabryhop that looks like a pretty big job. Here is the way the manual describes it:


Tools Required

J 39505 Torque Wrench Adapter. See Special Tools.

Removal Procedure

1. Disconnect the battery negative cable. Refer to Battery Negative Cable Disconnect/Connect Procedure in Engine Electrical.

2. Install the engine support fixture. Refer to Engine Support Fixture.

3. Raise and support the vehicle. Refer to Lifting and Jacking the Vehicle in General Information.

4. Remove the air conditioning compressor mounting bracket. Refer to Compressor Mounting Bracket Replacement in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

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5. Remove the engine-to-transaxle brace bolts (1, 2).

6. Remove the engine-to-transaxle brace (3).

7. Remove the starter. Refer to Starter Motor Replacement in Engine Electrical.

8. If equipped with all wheel drive (AWD), remove the transfer case. Refer to Transfer Case Replacement in Transfer Case - NVG 900.

9. If equipped with front wheel drive (FWD), remove the intermediate shaft. Refer to Intermediate Shaft Replacement (L61) or Intermediate Shaft Replacement (L66) in Wheel Drive Shafts.

10. Drain the engine oil and remove the oil filter. Refer to Engine Oil and Oil Filter Replacement.

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11. Remove the oil pan side bolts.

12. Remove the oil pan sealing surface bolts.

13. Remove the oil pan.

14. Clean the oil pan and the engine block gasket surface.

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mabryhop holler at me if you need the manual. My email address is in my profile. Just click on my avatar :-)


What is time for oil pan gasket replacement?


Doing one in a shop right now in a 2005 (after just finishing one in a 2001 the day prior) they giving me 4.5 hours


Also the 2005 in doing has the clearance, I don't need to raise motor or drop subframe (I did in the 2911 though) and that job prior was 7.3 hours according to my shop


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