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How to take apart and repair the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01.

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I can no longer switch between modes!

This has been a great camera, but I have one problem: the dial no longer works. It will only switch between two modes now, baby and normal. I cannot preview or do anything else with it. Besides this, the camera does anything else fine. I would love to get the dial to give me all of th modes back. Granted, I'm not sure if taking it apart will help. Any ideas?

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dezink99, if nothing else I posted the service manual for the DMC-FX01 on my file storage and do feel free to download it so that at least you can take a look at it and see if taking it apart is something you want to do. good luck

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Could you please repost the service manual for the DMC-FX01? My zoom lens isn't working properly, as well as the control wheel and I'd like to try to fix it.



Thanks, oldturkey03! Perfect - really appreciate it!


You are welcome...:-)


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