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Xbox One shutdow itself after a 3 seconds of startup

I have this problema with my Xbox one. With all then component disconnected. I connect HMDI (TV OUT), connect power brick to the wall socket. In this point I get orange light. Then Connect cable to the console, I get white light (1 second later) then yellow.

In this point all seems to normal. When I startup (using controller or press xbox botton console) the xbox one, after a few seconds (2 o 3) the console shutdown itself. No light on console and no light on power brick.

It this point power brick seems to be death. I have to disconnect from wall socket wait 5 seconds and then reconnect in order to get again a orange light

I would appreciate any help you can give me

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2 solutions

Hi Aracely!

Have you tried plugging the Xbox One's Power Supply into a different outlet? If that does not work, I would recommend getting a replacement power supply. From what you have described, the issue is most likely a bad Power Supply or bad outlet.

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Did you get a new power brick and if so did it work I am having the same problem as you and Inam worried that my console is broken.


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