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A powerful, bagless, upright vacuum cleaner part of the DC-series released in 2009. Its model number is 15804-01.

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no rotation on brush area at head

when I turn the unit on, it does the vacuum , as I can hear the units sounding, but when you put the floor portion to use, the brushes do not turn at all like they once did. is this a repairable item? I know there is no belt connected, so something else is wrong.

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@deewhy are you referring to the brush roll which is part of the cleaner head assembly? what have you checked?


yes that is the area, and we pulled the cover off the bottom only to see no belt there.


there is still good belt . At first I thought it was belt torn. So I did order belt , and not needed but somethings else ?


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MY serial # is 175-US-A51394 I did not find it. My brush roll does not turn. I cleaned all thread and hair etc, from rollers and it still does not turn. What do I do. Thank you.

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