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The Samsung NaviBot SR8855 is a handy autonomous vacuum by Samsung.

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How to disassemble the charger?

By any chance is there a step by step guide how to disassemble the charger? I mean the charging station not the robo itself. I figured out to remove all part but not able to open the big black main unit where actually the fuse and co. is placed :)

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@ddresch this should work for the power supply. It'll get you to the actual board etc. Once apart post some images of your circuit board so we can see what you se. Use this guide Ajout d'images à une question existante for that.

Block Image

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Thanks a lot for this chart how to open the charger but my one looks pretty different. My model is the SRR600 charger. Sorry to mess this up a bit.


@ddresch post some pictures of what your charger looks like with your question. That way we can see what you are looking at.


@oldturkey03 thanks again for your feedback but I gave up on this thing. It's amazing how products are build to be thrown away. I invested more than 3 hours now and gave up. Again thanks for your effort.


@ddresch sorry to hear that. Yes, I agree. Sometimes it's better to cut ones of luck to you.


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