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Le smartphone phare de 2017 de Huawei. Sorti en mars 2017. Il est doté d'un boîtier unibody et d'une double caméra arrière, développée en partenariat avec Leica. Disponible avec des options de stockage de 32/64 Go et six finitions différentes. Numéros de modèle VTR-L09, VTR-L29, VTR-AL00, VTR-TL00.

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Spilled water on my phone

I accidentally spilled water all over my huwawei p10 phone. Afterwards the screen still worked but then I powered it off and then put it in a bag of rice . But it's screen is black but I can still hear the keypad working . It has been like 3 hrs in the bag of rice. My camera has moisture in it. What should I do . I can't dismantle or open it up .someone plz help me

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Unfortunately rice does absolutely nothing to treat liquid damaged phones.

I would highly recommend you take it to a professional to try treat the liquid damage on the inside, this will be your only option since you can't dismantle the phone yourself. :-)

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But I'm in India and I need my phone coz I don't have any other phone .and there is no huawei showroom here


Does anyone have any other methods for quick recovery


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If you don't have access to a repair center. You will have to take the phone apart, using the ifixit guide, to the boards and clean with isopropyl alcohol 97%. Then use a ultrasonic cleaning machine. You can use a toothbrush to get corrosion off the board, but brush gently so you don't damage any components.

Here is a link to an ifixit video on repairing water damage.

Water Damage Repair video

Good luck

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