Blu Vivo 5r Screen Not Turning On! Please Help!

All of this happened today (7/28/2017). I have a Blu Vivo 5r that I got almost as soon as it came out (September 2016). It has a cracked screen, nothing bad, just a little crack near the front camera. I was on my way back from Yellowstone and was listening to music on the phone. It was at 87% so it wasn't out of battery. All of the sudden the screen went black and the music stopped. It was plugged in to the car charger and the voltage wasn't too high or too low. I plugged it in for hours and unplugged it. I tried holding down the buttons in multiple variations. I am pretty smart when it comes to this type of stuff, especially Android. I honestly have no idea what to do now, please help. Thanks.

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