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The LG G Pad 8.3 is a tablet created by LG Electronics Inc. that weighs 11 ounces, has 16 GB of storage, and has a 8.3 inch screen.

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Tablet is bricked.dead. Do you know of a repair facility?

Lg v500 tablet died after battery replaced. Can you recommend a repair facility?

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@drivesansvx this is a very difficult question to answer. We do not know where you reside and what exactly you are looking for in a repair facility. I suggest you use the search engine of your choice and make determination based on other customers satisfaction.

I would be wondering who replaced the battery, why was it replaced and if everything has been properly reconnected. Check your charger, your cable and the charging connector. If it does not charge your battery, it will definitely be dead. Use these guides if you decide to work on your own tablet.

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Try disconnecting the battery. Then hold in the power buttons n for ten seconds. Reconnect battery and plugin charger immediately and allow to fully charge.

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