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The first generation Nissan Murano was unveiled in production form for the 2003 model year at the 2002 New York International Auto Show.

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Why do I not have any acceleration

I have a 2005 Nissan Murano se I've replaced the alternator, the accelerator pedal sensor, the throttle control body, and the thermostat as the codes was throwing up on the obdm. I have tried clearing it out and the codes go away for a minute but come right back. I also did the relearn on it. Help me are 1122...etc actuator malfunction.....1126 thermostat stuck open...but I replaced the thermostat. I can't get the codes cleared out for some reason

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I just started expiriencing the same issue with my nissan ive replaced the throttle body but cant get the code to clear or even accelerate but i'm working on it soon as i get it fixed i'll let you know(code 1122)

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it might be the about to alternator burn out

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