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Replacing blower motor resistor town car?

How to replace a blower motor resistor in lincoln town car 2000?

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Thats not the correct video.. anyways thanks


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@puneetsingh your Lincoln does not have a Blower Motor Resistor in the conventional sense. It uses a blower motor speed control module . It's located under the hood, mounted to the A/C evaporator housing on the passenger's side rear of the engine compartment. This videoshows you the location and how to replace it. The video link from @jimfixer shows essentially the same information, just a different model bu same location same setup.

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Thanks but i have problem in removing the resistor , it is getting stuck while taking it out because heater thick pipe is blocking its way.. and the link jim shared they have long thick pipe.. and lincoln has short one☹️@oldturkey03


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This video will help . Its for a crown vic but its the same place for your Lincoln .

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unplug blower motor. run positive and ground jumpers direct from battery to check in blower motor works. The ground or negative is the lower blade. If blower runs, it is more than likely the blower motor speed resistor just rear of the passenger side of engine. Take it out and re-solder all 5 plug contacts on board. Try it. Most times this will fix it , as the part makers cheap out on solder and thats why they fail.

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