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A smartphone released by Xiaomi in January of 2015. Features a 5.7-inch display and 13MP camera.

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Replacing Xiaomi Mi Note / Pro Power Button and Volume Up & Down Flex

How can replace power button flex for Xiaomi Mi Note / Pro. I already the parts for replacement.

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I know how to disarm the phone, but the flex sems to be firmely atached and i cant disconect it. How must I do that?


I already brought to the technician he was able to replace the flex but it seems that it was not place properly since you can easily touch the power button without exerting too much effort.


Same happen to me. It's no need to much effort to push it, so it's become annoying if I accidently push the button. Do you able to repair it by yourself?


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Unfortunately, there is no ifixit guide specifically for that. But this guide should show you most of it:

Xiaomi Mi Note Micro USB/Microphone/Virtual Keys light/Vibrator Replacement

This non-ifixit video may also be of use:

Hope this helps!

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Hopefull you could make one. Thanks!


@rjhay2108 I could not make one as I do not own the phone. But that guide should get you most of the way there.


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