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The 1996 model was introduced at the 1995 North American International Auto Show using the Chrysler S platform.

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car will not move in reverse.

So i have a 97 dodge caravan 2wd 3.3ltr i was backing out of my driveway and it hesitated befor moving but moved about an hour later i got in and put it in reverse and it would not move. Pressed on the gas a little and it still wouldn't move all other gears work and fluids were checked and are good. I can feel it shift into reverse but no movement and when the gas is pressed it rev's and sounds like it puttered like it was about to backfire. Any ideas?

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Is the an automatic transmission or a stick shift?


Automatic transmission


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I would double check those fluids remembering they should be checked warm with the engine running after shifting into all gear options. If this does not work you may have an electrical problem preventing all the necessary solenoids from activating. Your best shot may be to drive it to a repair shop and have them diagnose it. If it is only the solenoid the fix shouldn't cost that much.

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