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Samsung smartphone released in January 2016. Model SM-J320

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Why does my Samsung Galaxy J3 turn green on half of the screen?

I dropped a glass onto the back of my phone and now when i turn it on half of the screen is green/black and the other half is dimmed, is there a possible fix for said scenario?

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It may possibly be that the connector to the digitizer was loosened by the contact or it could be that you damaged the digitizer with the contact. I would probably take it to a place for replacement or to check the connection or you can tear it apart yourself. I personally would attempt to do a tear down on it and check the connection first it will save you some money if it is just the connection. But sounds like it is a bad digitizer. It is replaceable you will just need to do some research on finding the part for the replacement.

Hope this helps.... Samsung j LCD SCREEN REPLACEMENT

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