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Can I run my marshall amp head thru my line 6 combo amp to test?

hi. I have a used Marshall mg100 amp head only - I do NOT Have a speaker stack to run it through or even test it out.......

I have a Line 6 1-12" combo amp....

is it possible for me to plug into the line 6 amp for speaker only - and not power up the line 6 amp? Just to test the Marhall head?

I've never tried it before......and I don't wanna blow either amp.......

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I basically just was wondering if I could just plug in and the speaker would work thru the back speaker jack on the line 6 amp - WITHOUT powering up the line 6...... (basically just use the speaker in the line 6 amp as a "speaker box" ......?


I figured that is what you were trying to do. You hook one output of an amp to the input of another that is not expecting (or designed to do so) it, you are possibly going to blow your preamp stage.


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Gregory Justice sounds unhealthy to run an amp through another amp. Something is going to fry on your Line 6 amp.

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