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A1418 | EMC 2889 | Late 2015 | 1.6 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 or 2.8 GHz quad-core Intel Core i5. Released October 13, 2015.

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Is there no way to replace a new iMac's glass panel?

Hey all,

So I unfortunately cracked my iMac's glass screen, and it's a late 2015 model — it looks like Apple fused the glass to the LCD display for these, making it such that you have to replace the entire display instead of just the glass.

I know this question has been asked before, but most of the posts I've seen are 2 - 4 years old at this point. Surely by now someone has come up with a way around this?

If not, I also have a dead Late 2012 iMac at home. Would it be possible to use the display from that?


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Sorry, you are correct the cover glass is glued to the LCD panel and can't be replaced by its self. And, no you can't use the older 2012 panel as the displays are very different!

Time for a new display assembly ;-{

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Me personally think you can change, 2012 screen are compatible up to 16,3 2015 iMac as I’m currently buying a screen for a late 2012 iMac and it states that these are compatible up to the 16,3 iMac. Just quoting what I’ve read on the screen the person is selling. Look it up your self there’s loads on eBay.

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Hate to tell you the eBay seller has no idea what he's talking about!

For reference there are two different displays used in this series depending on which you have you need to replace the with the same, These are used Grade-A parts:

21.5" iMac Display Assembly - Non-Retina, Apple P/N: 661-02989; LG ID: LM215WF3 (SD)(D5)

21.5" iMac Display Assembly - Retina 4K, Apple P/N: 661-02990; LG ID: LM215UH1 (SD)(A1)

As far as the 2012/2013 iMac models Display Assembly, Apple P/N: 661-7109; LG ID: LM215WF3 (SD)(D1)

We can clearly see the P/N is different but whats more important is the LG ID LCD panel is the same LM215WF3 but the T-CON board D5 is not the same. I wouldn't trust swapping it out given the small different in the price.


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It is possible

You can contact this guys.

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Your answer is a bit off here… this is an equipment maker selling the tools to service damaged displays. Someone who rebuilds displays would buy these tools. They are way to expensive for a person to buy for a one time fix.

Even still it doesn’t address the point! We have a square peg being forced into a round hole problem here. And just like it these display assembly’s are not compatible! A regular retina screen is not the same as a 4K retina display and they are not interchangeable.


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