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27" display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution Thunderbolt & MagSafe cable attachments

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Can I swap a LCD from a 27" 2009 iMac into a 27" thunderbolt display?

The LCD on my 27" thunderbolt display (LM270WQ1) burnt out about a year ago.

I haven't had the time to repair it and Apple told me it would be ~$600 to repair if they did it (of course).

However, on the 27" Thunderbolt display tear-down here on iFixit it shows that the 2009-2011 27" iMacs use the same display (LM270WQ1) but a different sub-model.

I've found a few of those displays on eBay, but before I pull the trigger I want to make sure Apple didn't do some stupid $@$* like change the ports so you can't do what I intend to. Unfortunately, Apple themselves won't answer the question despite discontinuing the product all together.

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I would be very hesitant - Even the iMac has different connections going to the board, from that display in that range of years.

Would be very surprised if they were compatible - Would be very unlike for Apple

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Sorry, no. The connectors are slightly different and therefore will not function if swapped. It’s pretty typical of Apple to do this and after coming to this conclusion I was not surprised. However, if you do want a replacement LCD that will work with your Thunderbolt Display you can buy one from eBay at the link below.

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@ajcooke01 is this different than the other from one year ago? Are you adding any different information to this?


@oldturkey03 Not intending to make it look alike but I see what you mean now. I did my homework and researched it up though. I also gave a definant no too, so I kinda switched it up but not by too much.


@ajcooke01 so are you adding any different information to this? This looks like a duplicate answer. Even a definite No is still only a comment at best


@oldturkey03 Eh, not really.


@ajcooke01 may be I am just to old to see where your answer is different. Care to point out where you are adding information to this.


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