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Samsung's second-generation smartwatch, released in April 2014 and powered by a Tizen-based OS. Model Number:SM-R380.

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After getting my new Galaxy S8 my watch is having problems..?

After getting my new Galaxy S8.. my Gear S2 watch is not working properly.. I can't adjust my alarm (bezel not working) and other features not working as well. I'm a big Samsung fan. I have 4 Samsung TV's between our 2 houses and even various appliances.. The watch is maybe 6-78 months old

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Have you tried asking for a refund?

Edit: Is it new, or old?


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fritznpeters sounds like compatibility issues between your S8 and your Gear S2. I'd be checking with the Samsung Gear app on the S8 since it should automatically search for your Gear and connect.

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