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The Stylo 2 (model number LS775), the second iteration of the Stylo series, is manufactured by LG and was originally released in April 2016.

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How to fix Bootloop for LG Stylo 2? Without deleting data.

How can I fix my LG Stylo 2? It keeps freezing on the LG logo when turned on. When pressing up and entering the usb into computer, it brings me to firmware update, but doesn't do anything.

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1) Start with the phone while its off.

2) Hold VOL Down + Power, and it should enter Recovery mode.

3) From the Recovery Menu, select "Format Cache" and restart

4) IF the bootloop continues, Go back into Recovery, and select Factory Reset and restart

Warning: You will lose your data if you factory reset, and you will need the google account password linked with the phone.

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My phone says its going to recovery mode but then doesnt


it goes to android is starting apps 1 ~27


My phone also says its going into recovery mode but then just continues bootloop.

In frustration, I slammed it face down on my desk and that fixed it...for now. I would like a less aggressive fix if possible


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