Tips for old Apple 24" display, successful repair of PowerSupply

Dear All,

After some time (more than 6years of almost everyday usage that's not bad) my display got some difficulties to stay "awake", and then goes definitely black.

First I though, after some deep reseach on internet that it was the PWM module on the main board. (I could see a perfect image on the dark with a flash light.) So I cut some wire and short circuit the "power balun" as they said that energize the back panel. You find a lot of info on google. But.... this was not this. ( this is not for everyone)

Too bad I did it for nothing.

They come the idea, to do another try with a probabilist failure approach : change as much as possible capacitor in the power supply ( you can still find this power supply for sale on Internet type PA-2201-02A 661-4821 or A1267 on Ali express even mother board for 80-150$ each)

Then I ordered, same parts characteristics mostly, a couple of 1uF 450v, a combination of 400-450v 39-120uF and 10uF/50v + 22uF 50v.

Did it on Ali Express to test the approach fix a chinese pb with chinese supply. Intellectually, this was an interesting idea ?

Found some componant that was reasonably priced. ( 30 - 40 days of shipping but arrived )

typically : I bought this lot and une one of the capacitor to repair.

It is just a little to large but the power supply still fit in place. ( I just did not put on the screw )

Then for about a budget of $11 + about approx $15 for the other capa the display when on again.

You have then a lot of spare for other device.

Basically the power supply is well design, very few capacitors, the only difficulties is the board is RHOS

so tin takes more time to be unsolder.

My tips to helps I add a traditional lead solder to lower the fusion point of the mix.

I hope this helps other.

And for once, thank Apple for a reparable design.

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Good information. I wish you had created a guide on this.


Eric Tiquet great fix and lots of good information. This would have been a great guide or Wiki. See if you can change it to either one of those.


@evan can you help tell what to do with this good info?


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