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Le smartphone OnePlus de 5ème génération (OP5) est sorti le 20 juin 2017. Il s'agit du successeur du OnePlus 3T et du prédécesseur du OnePlus 5T.

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How do I replace my glass for my screen

I got a little scratch i want to fix

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MC_Ride1010101 this is a tricky one since you will have to pretty much remove everything from the phone to get to the screen. Glass and LCD are fused so you should get a complete assembly. Here is the guide for it Remplacement de l'écran AMOLED du OnePlus 5

You may want to get used to the scratch on the front since this is a pita to change.

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It is hard for you to replace the OnePlus 5 LCD screen glass, it needs some equipment. What you can do yourself is replace the whole LCD screen. You can refer to tutorial mentioned by oldturkey03 .

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