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The LG Leon LTE smartphone is designed and manufactured by LG Electronics which comes with a hotspot application for tethering and many other Android apps.

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How to fix no command error

My lg leon phone got an update and went stuck on no command screen

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@hyliana since it is stuck at the no command screen it is waiting for you to give it a command. Start by removing the battery, then reinstall it. Once you turn your phone on and you see the no command screen, Press and hold Power, and at the same time press Volume Up once. Release both buttons after the boot options appear. Use Volume Up or Down to highlight your option. I'd suggest to go for the reboot option. Let us know if it works for you and if nothing else works you may just need to reflash the device.

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This didn't work for me is there any other ways?


coolcuterapper When your in the command page select wipe cashe partition then after its done select reboot


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