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Headset cuts in and out when plugged into Handset jack

When we plug our headset into the handset jack of our landline portable phone,

it cuts in and out constantly. You might find a sweet spot where it stops if you keep wiggling the headset jack around in the handset (female) jack but the slightest movement will make it cut in and out again. For awhile I could find the sweet spot and secure the spot using a rubber band but even that rarely works now. Is there a way to repair or replace the jack in the handset?

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1 solution

The only way to replace that would be to open up the phone, then solder the jack back on, or solder a new one on.

How to solder:

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Thanks Kevin for your prompt reply. Thats what I thought ,which leads to the more important question. How do I do that without breaking the phone and if necessary where would I get the right sized part. Thanks again for taking the time!


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