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Both PS4 slim USB ports stopped working, it has any fix?

I bought a PS4 slim CUH 2115 a week ago. Suddenly USB ports stopped working, I thought if I do the Restore to Default Settings it would fix it then I did it. It didn't fix anything, worst, now I'm stuck in the "Connect controller with the USB cable an press the PS button" since USB ports are dead. Try anything but nothing worked. I think the problem is a defective USB IC chip but I don't know where can I find this replacement. Can anyone please help me?

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Well the thing is that they're soldered onto the motherboard. They could be replaced, if you have the equipment and skill set. Or you'd have to replace the entire motherboard. You can find one on eBay for about $100-$150

As far as finding the USB ports themselves...I looked..didn't find any.. Also since both of them are not working it could definitely be the usb ic chip. Or some other random issue. I would lean towards replacing the board

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Thanks for answer! I've been looking for the ic USB chip or for the entire motherboard on eBay and some other pages but had no luck for my PS4 slim model (CUH 2115). Only found few model CUH 20** motherboards, but it's different


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