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Released in 2015, this laptop can be identified by the model number ba0709dx. Repair of this device requires screwdrivers and prying tools.

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Is the touchpad on the HP 15-bw059sa sealed? Is there a photo of it?

I need proof of the seal under the touchpad of the HP 15-bw059sa laptop (bought a week ago) to help a friend with serious anxiety about dampness getting into the computer. Please can anyone help me?

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@mumshoovering not sure what you mean by sealed. It is part of the top cover and this is what it looks like from the underside

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Thanks for this; i'm thinking there must be a seal directly under the left and right click buttons within the touch pad. Quite how one can get an image of this, i don't know!!


Since the touchpad is part of the upper case it would be impossible to verify unless somebody an rip theirs apart. I am sure there is some kind of rubber between those parts but not sure about how well it would seal against liquid but surely against humidity


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