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Monitor turns on for three seconds and black screens

MY MONITOR WAS NOT LISTED ON THIS WEBSITE. The monitor im talking about is a Dell ST2310. Before I tampered with the guts of the monitor, it worked fine but one of the 2 backlights blew out so it was dim. So I proceeded to order the right backlights for the monitor, install them, and they work! The screen is now full on bright. And now anorthern problem arises, ever since I replaced the backlights the monitor turns on and stays on for about 3 seconds and then it blackscreens. The screen turns back on for 3 seconds if I unplug and replug the HDMI cable but it turns off again. I'm just looking for some things that could've gone wrong in the rebuild because it didn't do this before I took it apart.

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Do you still see dim lighting when it turns off? Have you tried another hdmi cable or maybe another type like vga? Do you smell burning? Extra heat maybe? If not check your solder job. Maybe it shorting out. Heck, even try another power cable.. Find Schematics ans test voltage..maybe the backlight or receiving to high of voltage.. maybe even got the wrong or cheap backlight filters? Just helping with troubleshooting.

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I bought the right lights and I can't see any light coming from the screen after it blacks out I've hooked it up to my computer and my xbox one and still no luck, I've dug through my cable box and found a few old power cables use those that didn't work. It has to be something internal, and when I disassembled the monitor the backlight a where all plug and play, so no soldering job needed to be done. I don't smell any burning. I haven't tried vga which I will get around to. Unfortunately, some part is probably shorting out or something is grounding out so I'll delve deeper and try to fix it


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@wayvekz sounds like your power board or your USB board is cutting of the power to the backlights. I'd disconnect the backlights and check to see if it works with half of the. You do want to try all inputs to see if it makes a difference. BTW this one uses LED backlights or CCFL. I have a guide that shows 2CCFL but just making sure we are on the same page. you also want to post some good images of your boards with your question. That will allow us to see what you see. Use this guide Ajout d'images à une question existante for that.

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