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The Mazda Capella was commonly known in markets outside Japan as the Mazda 626. The Mazda 626's sixth-generation was built on the GF platform and released in 1997 for the 1998 model year.

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Fuel pump 2000 Mazda Lx 626

Fuel pump not working,I no longer hear the pump run when ignition is on. I drove home ok. And next morning wouldn't start . I finally found relay marked EGi,relay is there a injector fuse on a 2000 Mazda LX 626 ? Any other suggestions to remedy problem would be appreciated.

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Hi Michael,

Just because the relay is good doesn't mean the fuel pump is good. In this vehicle, the fuel pump is located in the tank itself, and does not have an access point to get to it without dropping the fuel tank. There are plenty of videos online on how to change the fuel pump in your car, including one where the guy cut a small hole through the body work under the rear seat to make an access point to remove the fuel pump without dropping the tank. Not a pretty job, and not recommended, but did get the job done. It's up to you to decide how you want to go about the repair. Obviously, you want to be careful not to damage the fuel lines or the tank during removal, as it contains a flammable liquid! Good luck!

- Jasen

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thanks for the info. Its much appreciated. I went out to you tube after i read your info and watched some videos on fuel pump removal.

its been very helpful since i don.t have $700.00 for a shop to do repairs. Im still contemplating taking the rear seat out and cutting a access hole, since messing with tank removal is quite messy. i just wanna be sure it wasn't something else before i replace pump. thanks again for info.


Very accurate description thks but need little more info


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Michael , before you cut hole or pull the tank check the wiring to the tank to make sure you have power to the pump . The relay can be good and the pump can be fine , there could be a short in the wiring between them . nothing is more frustrating than replacing a pump only to find it wasn't bad.I have had more than one occasion were a wire had been damaged by something bouncing under the car and causing a short. As for cutting a hole in your back seat floor be forewarned that the car will smell like gas for a long time after . and be very careful . if the seal is off at all in the top of the tank and you make spark there could be fumes that can ignite . This can make a bad day even worse. I personally prefer to drop the tank , just hope its not to full. I also replace straps or at least the hardware after to make installation easier. Hope this helps

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