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Almost no sound out of Fender Mustang v1

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So I am having an issue with a Fender Mustang amp. Everything appears to be functioning i.e. the on board effects are audible through the speaker of the amp. With all of the pots tuned up to max, the guitar can be heard slightly. Looking for any information as to what might be causing the issue.

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Please check out this video I posted for more information.

Thanks guys!

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@sinister1211 the humming sounds a lot like a failed capacitor. It is not that your guitar sound is quiet, it's the humming that is noisier. If you can, post some good images of your boards with your question and lets see if there is any obvious damage. You'll need a multimeter to check things out and this should be the schematic for your amp Mustang I&II VR&JK Rev_ A Apr302010

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Added. Let me know what you think!


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