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Why is the blower fan not working

I have not been able to get the blower to run. I have a 2003 9-3 se convertible turbo.

Unit has climate control , I first started out thinking the basic, replace the resistor. Did not fix the problem. This resistor has power to both side of the wiring. There is a brown and a reds wire. Then the two wire from the fan motor. Then I replace the fan thinking intermediate problem. Still no fixed. I am pointing the climate unit but it seems to be working fine for all that it operates! I am stumped what can I look into, and is there suppose to be power present on both brown and red wires. Help!!!

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any saab techs on this site that can answer a question why is there still power on both sides of the blower fan resistor !!!


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@srosario post some images of what you are seeing and checking. Not sure what to make out of the power situation you describe and show us where there is power is when you measure. Here is the schematic for Saab 9-3 Heating and vent controls

Block Image

110 = Heater and ventilation controls

  • a=recirculation switch
  • b=heated air window switch
  • c=air conditioning switch
  • d=fan speed selector

111 = Recirculation flap motor

112 = Ventilation fan

23 = Dashboard Integrated Central electronics

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