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Meizu MX4 screen replacement: what gasket to use?

I broke my MX4 screen and I need to replace it, I saw that around the display there's a rubber gasket, I think that the screen is attached to the frame thanks to this gasket. I have been shooting this photo, where you can see the gasket between the display and the frame.

What kind of material is this? and where I can buy it? I think that it isn't 3M tape, it's like a seal.

You can see the gasket in this video at 5 minutes and 45 seconds, the guy in this video cut the gasket with a cutter.

Thank you.

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I solved, the seal is called "Zhanlida T-7000" glue, it's a siliconic black glue that I used to seal the screen and restore it. I bougth this glue on Amazon, but also it's available on ebay.

Hope that this answer can help other people.

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