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I can't make calls or receive calls

Phone is 6 months old and have never been able to call in or receive calls or call

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Has it ever been set set up with a service provider?


Yes my service is current and


What Happened to make my SIM card go bad . I think it has been hacked something is interacting with my phone at 2 am . I may be wrong but brosix also pulled up on my browser history.


Cant make call or tex. My replacement phone


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Hi @kelly7800 ,

Download, install and run the following two apps. They are both free to use. You can uninstall them after they have removed any malware or viruses (if any) that they may have found.

This one will test for and remove any malware that has been installed in your phone.

This will test for and remove any viruses that may have been installed in the phone (or that might have been missed by the first app).

Run one at a time obviously ;-)

There are other apps available that do the same thing if you don’t want to use either.

Just search for anti-malware or anti-virus apps for Android phones

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Ensure the Sim card is inserted correctly, ensure you have valid credit on the Sim card.

If that doesn't work, the phone may be network locked, meaning only a certain Sim can operate in the device.

If you still need help, try seeing one of that company's helplines.

Goodluck :)

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