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Le smartphone OnePlus de 5ème génération (OP5) est sorti le 20 juin 2017. Il s'agit du successeur du OnePlus 3T et du prédécesseur du OnePlus 5T.

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OnePlus 5 Out of Service after dropping

I recently dropped my OnePlus 5 and ever since then the phone has no network - no calls, SMS, mobile network. WiFi, BT etc. works fine. Physically, there is only a small dent on the back cover above the volume buttons, and halfway to the middle.

When I attempt to manually select a network (SIM settings, Choose a network operator), there are no results, and in About section of phone, SIM status, Signal strength i 0, and Out of Service. SIM card is recognized in both SIM slots (phone asks for PIN) but no network.

I did try restarting, airplane mode, other SIM slot, but no success, and since the network disappeared right after I picked up the phone I am positive it is a hardware issue.

My question is what is the most likely part that was damaged and how to replace it ?

Going through the replacement parts, the only thing I found was

Signal Antenna Connector Board flex cable ( but I have no idea where this part is located after watching several teardown videos.

Any advice or help would be greately appreciated.

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The Signal Antenna Connector Board flex cable is at the bottom of your phone and the coaxial signal cable connects to this flex cable.


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Probably the coaxial signal antenna cable is disconnected. This cable connects the main board to the charging block. It runs on the right side of the battery. (not the ribbon cable what runs on the top of the battery)

If this cable disconnected, the phone works well but there is no signal, and you can not start calls or send text messages.

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