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iPhone 7 Boot Loop issue with Front Camera/Proximity sensor

I have an iphone 7 that is stuck in a bootloop after screen replacement. The phone was working fine for about 2 weeks, then customer called and said his front camera, mic, sensor, etc was not working anymore. Ive narrowed it down to the proximity/front camera/earpiece flex. When its disconnected phone powers up fine but when reconnected goes straight back into bootloop again. Have tried replacing flex cable with 3 other spare ones, no luck. I'v also tried unplugging the home button extension flex cables without any luck. Tried replacing the screen with 3 others screen as well. The only thing I wasn't able to try is an original apple screen and home button assembly.

I have seen other people experiencing this issue as well on this forum, would definitely like to know what's going on. This looks like software related... is this because of 3rd party screens?

Thank you

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Did you end up resolving this? i have same issue


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In short yes, it seems apple has programmed something into iOS 11 which detects 3rd party screens and causes the operating system to "malfunction" its has various symptoms such as digitiser only responding to every second input for example. I have had some success in restoring through DFU mode, but only on a few phones. My company has stopped iPhone 7 screen replacements for this issue.

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So a replacement sensor cable won't resolve the issue?


I dont believe this to be true, we have repaired hundreds of 7's with 3rd party screens and only around 1% have been faulty, nothing to do with IOS.

Youve either damaged the home button, the frnt facing camera or the screens touch id/hb flex is faulty.

Try either a new screen or front facing camera and re do the steps.


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My experience was when that happens, I unplug the home button. It fixed my problems.

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