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The LG K7 is smartphone released by LG in February 2016 and runs on Android 5.1.

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Too much voltage on charger.. fried.. no power

I accidentally used a charger that was 12V and the device immediately lost power and will not turn on, charge or respond to PC when connected. It's obviously fried. I'm wondering if anybody knows if something internally can be replaced. I really enjoyed this phone. I have other LG devices that are ruined but can still power and charge. I'm hoping I can just replace whatever it is that needs to replaced with parts from my other LG device. Please help!

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This was most likely an overvoltage that destroyed your charging port and maybe also the board depending on whether the phone is protested from this thing on the charging port. Most phones and Samsung have this but I'm not sure if an LG would. I would give a go at replacing the charging port because you may have just damaged the charging port. If that doesn't work you could then replace the battery and if that doesn't work then you have probably damaged the board and will need board level repair if you want to get the phone working again. If you want good quality new parts have a look on ifixit and also eBay for used genuine LG parts. They are usually the best but if you have any of these already from the other phone then go ahead and use them. Hopefully, that helped

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