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Sorti le 19 septembre 2014, cet iPhone avec un écran de 5,5" est une version plus large de l'iPhone 6.

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What happen to my iPhone 6+?

Hello there. Recently, I dropped my iPhone 6+ and I can't turn it on , so I replaced the old battery in to it and it finally came back.That is the first time I open up an iPhone, I unnecessarily detached the screen's cables and attached it again.

After that, my iPhone 6+ front camera and front speaker are not working anymore, I think I did crack that cables. But the sensor and Touch ID is still working.

For the rear camera, it's like magic, sometimes it came back for a while and die again, I didn't detach the rear camera at all... A way to turn on the rear camera is to detach the screen (keep connecting the cables) then boot it up again, the rear camera will works again; However, once I attach the screen, the rear camera will freeze and no longer working.

So, the situation is

Front camera : DEAD

Rear camera : DEAD

Front speaker : DEAD

Flash light : DEAD

Question : What happen to my phone? I think the front camera and front speaker can be fixed by replace it. But how about the camera and flash light? These things dead is the camera and flash light problems or the logic board ? Please help!

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hello every one. I finally fixed my iPhone 6+ by replace the front camera assembly! Thanks for the comment !

But I still no idea why my rear camera did not working, but it works now!


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You may have accidentally damaged either the flexes (flat cables) or the connectors on the logic board. Additionally, you may have partially dislodged some tiny components adjacent to the connectors, causing the issues.

Follow this guide to double check your work and get a magnifying glass to inspect the flexes, connectors and components.

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Thank you for your reply !

Hopefully I didn’t damaged the logic board ,I can’t spend anymore money on this phones because I replaced its screen twice .... so I will try to replace the screen assembly .

If it doesn’t works, I will buy an new one !


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You need a new front camera assembly. Sometimes when only one camera doesn’t work, it can cause the other one to show up black and disable flashlight. I have experienced this before. I believe the front camera or something in that cable shorted out. Prevent this by turning your phone off before screen repair. Sometimes they are too cheap or short out for no reason.

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Thanks for your reply. I am planning to buy a new camera assembly and ear speaker. Furthermore, why are my front sensor still working ? I knew the front camera and sensor shares the same flat cable. For the ear speaker, which cable do this component use? Also share the same flat cable as front camera ? Thanks!


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