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Guides and repair information for the LG Aristo, also known by the model numbers LGMS210 or MS210. It was released in January 2017.

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Where can I find a place to fix screen.

My LG Aristo' s lower left side of the screen is cracked. The LCD is not broken. Just the part were it says LG. It can still sense my finger . Where can I find a cheap place to fix it and how much will it cost. Please help. Thanks

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@wifi the glass is available for around $10USD at places like ebay etc. You would need a heat source (good hair dryer or heat gun) to remove the glass from the frame. If you use this video At 2:36 you see what is being mentioned about heating it to remove. If you have never done this, try to check for a complete assembly which will have a much easier repair. As in where to get it fixed if you do not want to do this, no idea:-). Use your online search engine to find someone with a good reputation to mail it to.

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Where can I find a place that is cheap to change a LG ARISTO SCREEN

Update (05/09/2018)

How much would it cost to repair a LG ARISTO screen

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