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Unveiled at the 2000 North American International Auto Show on January 10, 2000, the redesigned 2001 Dodge Caravan and 2001 Chrysler Town & Country were released for sale in August 2000.

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How to replace the thermostat for 2003 Grand Caravan?

My vehicle has just started to over heat and I want to see if I can replace just the thermostat on my own as it is sitting in front of my house and I cannot afford a tow at this time.

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Drain about 1 gal of antifreeze from radiator Follow top radiator hose to housing at engine Remove housing and observe how thermostat is installed in housing Clean housing and engine where it mounts Replace thermostat and gasket Tighten bolts on housing securely and evenly Refill radiator slowly to prevent an "air lock" Start vehicle and check for leaks Run to normal operating temperature and re-check coolant level

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