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A white Compact refrigerator with separate freezer and refrigerator compartments.

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Whirlpool Refridgerator is not working?

Okay, so our fridge is not working and we’ve had three technicians from Sears to come and look at it. The first guy said it was fine (which it obviously wasn’t.) The second guy said we needed a new compressor and the third guy installed the new compressor.

Anyway, so our fridge is still not cooling or freezing, even though we have a new compressor. The lights inside work and the temperature inside is at room temp. Sears said we have to call whirlpool since we’ve already had three repair men come look at it. We’ve tried calling whirlpool to repair it themselves but they will charge us outside of warranty for some reason just to look at it, even though the fridge is still in warranty.

So we want to fix this problem on our own. Any suggestions?

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Is your evaporator fan running?


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Go up the ladder to a manager and find out why they won't cover the warranty.

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